Songs Composed by Dennis Provisor


Go Provisor 3:10

Take Him While You Can Provisor 4:00

Walking Through The Country Provisor 3:57

Come On And Say It Provisor, Entner, Grill 2:37

Get It Together Entner, Coonce, Provisor, Grill 2:16

Keepin’ Me Down Provisor 4:52

I Can Turn Off The Rain Provisor 3:09

Let It Go Provisor 3:42

Monday Love Provisor 3:25

Runnin’ Just To Get Her Home Again Entner, Provisor 3:27

Someone To Love Provisor 3:22

Move Along Provisor 3:21

Only One Provisor 5:01

Glory Bound Barri, Price, Provisor, Walsh 2:34

We Almost Made It Together Entner, Provisor 3:40

The Last Time Around Frost, Provisor 2:34

God Help Man Provisor 5:06

Have Mercy Grill, Provisor 3:24

Rock Sugar Provisor 5:28

When Will It Be Provisor 5:23

Karate Woman (Internet Release) Provisor 3:41

Loving You (Internet Release) Provisor 4:10

Audio Samples

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Dennis presents an unreleased song he cut in 1965 with his successful club band “The Persuaders”. He stated “Jim Foster a great Green Bay talent added a recent guitar overdub”

Dennis presents two unreleased songs he cut in 1975 as a solo artist. He stated “I am particularly proud of these tunes that I cut after I left The Grass Roots. ”

Left to right: Rob Grill, Dennis Provisor, Alan Deane & Joel Larson circa 1976 touring as The Grass Roots

Left to right: Glen Shulfer, Dennis Provisor & Rob Grill circa 1981 touring as Rob Grill and The Grass Roots